Brainefit believes that TMS and other brain stimulation or neuromodulation techniques are steadily becoming an important approach for the treatment of brain disorders. We further believe these non-invasive brain stimulation methods will become common treatment options in the near future due to their unmatched advantages. Providing non-pharmaceutical treatments which often have fewer side effects when compared to medication, ECT and invasive brain stimulation, our service will better meet the community needs. 

The brain is the most important organ in the human body and the most complex organ in the world. While new techniques bring great and sometimes unpredictable challenges related to the best way to utilize them, we believe that our patients and community will gain invaluable benefit from every advance in technology, from better control of brain disease to a greater understanding of our brain, our mind, and ourselves.


We, a group of people with the desire to improve lives and fight against brain disorders and the stigma associated with mental health, dedicate ourselves to providing compassionate, competent service of the highest quality to support comprehensive clinical care integrated with cutting edge technologies that have efficacy demonstrated through scientific studies. We also strive to develop outstanding research and educational programs in the brain health sciences.


We believe that a healthy community relies on individuals with functioning brains and a healthy mental status. We are committed to controlling pathologies of the brain, developing individual psychological strength, and building a stable and supportive social relationships among individuals in our community and societies to help improve our world.

Mutual respect among all people involved in facilitating mental wellbeing regardless of differences in background, outlook or approach is paramount. We value all contributions, from any person, to the cause of human wellbeing and pledge to share our experience, knowledge, and expertise with the community. We encourage anyone to give us feedback as we believe this is critical to giving our community the care it deserves.


• Provide specialized brain stimulation treatment besides a broad range of high quality mental health services for a diverse population with multiple needs in our communities. We will be open minded and constantly in pursuit of the latest research to meet these needs.

• Facilitate and conduct innovative research in areas of translational research with emphasis on new technologies from TMS to other brain stimulation methods.

• Develop outstanding training for healthcare providers from different fields and educational programs for the general public.