For Referring Physicians:

Appointments: We offer most appointments promptly. Currently, the waiting time to get an appointment usually is less than 14 days.

Insurances: We accept most commercial insurances and affiliates, such as Optum/UBH, BlueShield of California, Magellan, Anthem BlueCross and Humana.

Ages: We see patients 16 and older.

What We Offer: We offer a variety of Psychotherapy services along with Medical Management, and for patients who prefer female therapists or group therapy, we have female and group therapists during the weekend at our facility. 

deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS): ​We are very excited to offer dTMS treatment at our facility to your patients with appropriate indications. Patients will continue their original psychiatry for their routine care. We will also offer consultation to any of your patient and answer your questions about our TMS service.

The phase III trial on dTMS treatment for Major Depression was launched in 2009 and finished 3 years later in 2012. Dr. Xia's research team at UC Davis enrolled the first patient for this trial. The trial sample included highly treatment-resistant patients who had failed 2 or more medications in their current index depressive episode. The results revealed an exciting improvement for the treatment of Major Depression: a statistically significant remission rate of 32.6% in the active deep TMS treatment (versus only 14.6% in the sham treatment; p =0.005). The number needed to treat also decreased from around 9-11 to about 6 with an excellent safety/side effect profile. The FDA review committee quickly approved the clinical use of dTMS for Major Depressive patients who failed any number of medications or were intolerable to medications.

For more details of the study, here is the link to the newly published, Dr Xia coauthor, article of the phase III trial on Deep TMS treatment of MDD in the peer-reviewed  academic journal, World Psychiatry. Our further analysis also shows the  anxiety symptoms is significantly improved and the effect is lasting similar  to that on depression.